Imperium Consulting Group provides sound strategies to support our clients in evaluating and making critical decisions. Core to this is an understanding that organizations facing uncertainty need to quickly assess the extent of a problem, what it will take to fix it, how much it will cost, and how long it will take. Those questions go beyond the four corners of an insurance policy or business contract. Our professionals help clients simplify and focus a recovery strategy while delivering industry best practices through a commonsense approach. 
An example of how Imperium brings value to decision-makers:
A financial institution financing the construction of an innovative manufacturing plant in a remote area requests assessments of the project’s business plan and operational risks. Our thorough and detailed assessments give the financial institution confidence in committing its capital to the project.
Our advisory services include:
  • Project performance and contract audits
  • Project monitoring and oversight
  • Scheduling, planning, and logistics
  • Project governance and controls
  • Funds Control
  • Risk assessments
    • Project
    • Enterprise
  • Corporate operations evaluation and advisory
  • Claims management
  • Insurance loss project management
    • Loss-specific consulting to help facilitate the process of repairing and rebuilding
    • Implementation and oversight of loss-specific project controls to enhance activity coordination and documentation