About Us

Complex contract disputes. Insurance claims. Project difficulties. Litigation. These and other challenges can keep businesses from achieving their target financial results, delay recovery after disruption, and even deprive them of future growth opportunities.
Imperium Consulting Group employs a team of experts across multiple professional disciplines to help clients measure and mitigate the economic impact of claims, from property loss to contract disputes. We develop strategies to improve our clients’ capacity to undertake projects, recover from economic loss, protect invested capital, and keep growing.
Our approach to client service is based on transparency. We help clients clearly define the goals of every consulting engagement and then explain the steps we’ll take to help our clients reach those objectives. 
We recognize claims come with inherent uncertainty regarding the outcome. We employ highly competent practitioners that not only understand how to assess financial impacts but also navigate the complexity of different claims processes. For our clients engaging us to assist with project audits and risk assessments, we customize industry best practices to address the specific needs of an assignment. In short, we employ industry specialization, proven methodologies, and a dedication to client service that drive positive outcomes.

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