Imperium’s experts specialize in multiple claims processes, such as navigating insurance coverage, construction contract language and government contract regulations. Imperium has experts in each area and professionals who understand how more than one discipline can apply to the same claim. As a result, we help clients simplify and focus a recovery strategy while delivering industry best practices through a commonsense approach.

Our services include:

  • Property damage/business interruption claim preparation, including:
    • Cost estimating related to the physical scope of loss and repairs
    • Forensic scheduling to quantify and support delay and time-driven costs
    • Forensic accounting to prepare business interruption and other financial measurements
  • Insurance loss project management, including:
    • Loss-specific consulting to help facilitate the process of repairing and rebuilding
    • Implementation and oversight of loss-specific project controls to enhance activity coordination and documentation

First Party Claims
We assist clients with the quantification, preparation and presentation of their covered losses to the insurer.

Construction Claims

  • Contract disputes regarding project delays and claims pricing
  • Claims involving subcontractor default insurance (SDI), builders risk, delay in start-up, and surety
  • Government contract claims
  • Project performance and contract audits and risk assessments

Our of seasoned professionals assist our clients collaboratively in order to help them through the many insurance challenges the organization will face in the wake of a Cyber/ Data Breach.

Representations and Warranties
As the trend towards the use of M&A representations and warranties insurance grows in acquisitions of privately held companies, Imperium Consulting Group, LLC is ready to assist with your claim preparation in the event of a breach of any representation made in a buyer-side or seller-side policy.

Hurricane and Catastrophic Event Claims
Preparation in advance of a catastrophic event will make the insurance claims process easier to navigate, as well as help organizations resolve third party or contractual claims caused by a significant loss. Additionally, establishing a loss response plan to activate after a catastrophic event is critical to achieving a successful recovery. Imperium’s team of experts suggest the following preparedness guidelines to help.

Mitigating and Recovering Financial Impacts from the Coronavirus
The disruption of economic activity caused by the Coronavirus is having a pervasive impact across all businesses and geographies. Organizations are focused on getting advice about potential loss recovery from insurance and contract remedies, to potential relief funds. Quite understandably, business leaders simply need to know if they have recourse to make a claim. However, where financial recovery is or becomes available, organizations will need to quickly understand how to measure, document, and submit that loss. This is what the experts at Imperium do.  We are here to help you.