Dispute Resolution

Disputes are part of doing business;  they are costly, disruptive and often unavoidable.  In addition,  disputes  are increasingly becoming more challenging to navigate due to various complex regulations and laws, the growing number of disputes, long litigation proceedings and increasing costs to achieve  resolution.   To help address these challenges, Imperium Consulting Group advises our clients and attorneys with:

  1. Assessing objectively the critical factors of the dispute;
  2. Identifying strong and weak positions throughout the proceedings;
  3. The Development of a sound and comprehensive plan for a successful resolution;
  4. The Preparation of expert reports and economic loss models that support the quantification of damages; and
  5. Settlement negotiations.

Our experts utilize experience and practical financial and quantitative analysis to prepare objective assessments to help resolve disputes in negotiation, mediation, arbitration, litigation, insurance matters and transactions.