FEMA Claims

Imperium specializes in disaster planning and recovery consulting services in the wake of a natural disaster. For eligible public entities, this may include FEMA as a source of financial recovery following a federally declared disaster.

Our experts are available to help you through the FEMA claims recovery process and Public Assistance Program. Our team of highly experienced consultants average 20+ years of industry experience, including assistance to public school systems, governments, hospitals, port authorities, and other public  and non-profit organizations recover from natural disasters. Additionally, Imperium’s FEMA claim services are complimented by our expertise in first party insurance claims and our construction consulting services, where forensic accounting, repair and reconstruction, time-related costs, and insurance issues are often factors in resolving a FEMA claim.

The types of services we offer are as follows:

  • Guidance through the FEMA application process and claims formula
  • Accounting methods designed to capture loss related costs
  • Separation, analysis and measurement of FEMA and insurance claim costs
  • Alignment with FEMA guidelines and requirements
  • Cost eligibility analysis and advice
  • Categorization and documentation of FEMA covered losses
  • Scope development and preparation of Project Worksheets
  • Claim management through close-out
  • Assist with FEMA Maintain and Obtain requirements

The most successful recoveries following a catastrophic event share similar attributes: expertise in meeting the requirements of a claim process such as FEMA; credible analysis and documentation of economic losses; and a highly collaborative loss recovery process customized to work with the tools, processes and resources of the organization that suffered the loss. Imperium can help.