Mitigating and Recovering Financial Impacts from the Coronavirus

The disruption of economic activity caused by the Coronavirus is having a pervasive impact across all businesses and geographies. Organizations are focused on getting advice about potential loss recovery from insurance and contract remedies, to potential relief funds. Quite understandably, business leaders simply need to know if they have recourse to make a claim. However, where financial recovery is or becomes available, organizations will need to quickly understand how to measure, document, and submit that loss. This is what the experts at Imperium do.  We are here to help you.

Imperium’s experts average 25 years of experience quantifying financial damages. Our forensic accountants and engineers bring best-practice solutions to inform our clients on loss recovery strategies, as well as provide highly effective financial and technical resources to execute and expedite the extensive work involved in documenting a claim.

We understand how to measure and prove financial damages. Our approach is to assist organizations at the earliest possible point by providing guidance and structure to existing commercial practices. We help clients begin to develop claims as they are still occurring.  We also engage directly to provide a full, turn-key process to document our clients’ losses.

Below are a few of our recommended practices for organizations to consider implementing now, in advance of submitting a claim. If you would like more information about how we can help you, please get in touch.