Representations & Warranties

As the trend towards the use of M&A representations and warranties insurance grows in acquisitions of privately held companies, Imperium Consulting Group, LLC is ready to assist with your claim preparation in the event of a breach of any representation made in a buyer-side or seller-side policy. This generally covers all representations and warranties laid out in the purchase agreement, the most common claims typically revolve around:

  • Accuracy and completeness of financial statements
  • Taxes
  • Compliance with laws
  • Material contracts

Imperium Consulting has a diverse group of professionals, including finance, accounting, engineering and other experts, that can assist with the preparation of your representations and warranties claim. Imperium’s team of experts are available to assist with the following, as appropriate:

  • Review the purchase agreement
  • Reviewing the due diligence reports and supporting documentation
  • Review and analyze all of the available third party work papers
  • Prepare detailed and coherent schedules in well thought out manner
  • Provide all the necessary documentation to support the claim schedules while being responsive to requests from the carriers
  • Help present and navigate the claim to the carriers
  • Participate in settlement discussions, as necessary

Download the Representations & Warranties overview.

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