What We Do

Imperium’s experts specialize in multiple claims processes, such as navigating insurance coverage, construction contract language and government contract regulations. Imperium has experts in each area and professionals who understand how more than one discipline can apply to the same claim.

Litigation Support
Imperium Consulting Group employs a broad range of testifying experts with significant experience in the quantification of economic damages. With decades of real-world experience, we achieve exceptional results in providing the technical and financial consultations required to resolve complex disputes across a broad range of industries.

Dispute Resolution
Disputes are part of doing business;  they are costly, disruptive and often unavoidable. To help address these challenges, Imperium Consulting Group help our clients navigate the various and complex regulations and laws.

Imperium Consulting Group provides sound strategies to support our clients in evaluating and making critical decisions. Core to this is an understanding that organizations facing uncertainty need to quickly assess the extent of a problem, what it will take to fix it, how much it will cost, and how long it will take. Those questions go beyond the four corners of an insurance policy or business contract. Our professionals help clients simplify and focus a recovery strategy.